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Project Description
The project aims to share our sample codes which enables MSCRM V3.0 customers to communicate with their customers via Short Messaging Service (plain text based).

V1.0 version is ready for download. It supports basic functions as below. For details of usage, please download the v1.0 manual (both English and Simplified Chinese versions are available)
1. track SMS communication in CRM server
2. query CRM records via SMS commands
3. update CRM records via SMS commands
4. new a CRM record via SMS commands

With above functions, below CRM SMS user scenarios can be supported
1. SMS Mobile Office (短信移动办公):
___a. Users can access CRM Database when out of office
___b. SMS meeting notice (短信会议通知), SMS schedule reminder (短信日程提醒)
2. SMS customer communication (短信客户沟通)
___a. Send & receive SMS
___b. Track SMS communication in CRM system
3. SMS customer self-service system (短信客户自服务业务)
___a. Query order status, product pricing, etc.
___b. Book a reservation, e.g. 4S店预定汽车维修
___c. Issue complaints (客户投诉)
4. SMS marketing (短信营销)
___a. group messaging to marketing list (短信群发广告、短信抽奖、短信促销等)
5. Sales/inventory Data collection via SMS (短信数据采集, 短信销售数据采集、短信库存数据管理等)

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